Your business


You may be a start-up business, such as an individual based at home, a consultant, a tradesman, an artist, a partnership, a project group or a collective. Whatever your business, product or service you have decided you need a website to help you succeed.


You may be an established business with an outdated website that isn’t functioning correctly. Or maybe you have been trading successfully to date without a website but have become concerned that you are missing out on potential custom.


For small businesses or self employed individuals a website is a means for you to give your company a professional representation on the internet. It is an opportunity to highlight your key services and to pass on testimonials and contact details to potential customers. A brochure website is also a lot cheaper than printing traditional literature and catalogues for potential clients and much easier to keep your information up to date.

Why bespoke?

A bespoke website is perfect if you want your image to be presented in a manner that is unique to you, rather than settling for a standard off-the-shelf template. During the initial consultation I will identify the image that you want to portray to your potential clients and take your own likes and dislikes into account together with your customers' needs. If you already have a business brand image or publicity/ stationery materials I can create a website that builds upon that image whilst keeping the same ‘look’.

By commissioning a bespoke website there is no need to learn new software or skills. If the prospect of setting up your own website is daunting, let me take the job off your hands. In short, a bespoke website takes the stress out of your website. Running a business is demanding enough without the worries of technical hiccups, uploading content and trying to keep your website up-to-date.

If all this sounds appealing please Contact Me for a free of charge initial consultation.

My approach

Too many websites assault, bombard and confuse. I believe in creating inspiring and attractive websites that are a pleasure to view and a pleasure to use.

Photographs and video can greatly enhance the appeal of your business, when used correctly. Flashing banners, too many images or conflicting colours and sizes serve only to confuse and annoy the viewer making them more likely to leave your site before they have absorbed the main messages.

Every website should be easy to use. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to find your way around a website, being unable to return to a previous page or being forced to search for Contact details. I take the user experience into account at every stage of the design process. I ensure that navigation is as simple and clear as possible and encourages the required customer actions and responses.

How much will your website cost?

Website production costs vary according to the size and complexity of the site. There is no standard price as I do not produce standard templates - every one is tailor-made for you. However, a website such as the one you are reading now would cost in the region of £500. Image manipulation, video, copy-writing and shopping carts will increase costs but may greatly enhance the site.

I always discuss budget with you at the outset of any project and take this into account when designing the website. Once the style has been established the costs of adding additional pages are low and I will undertake minor updates to pages at no charge.

Do you have a domain name in mind or already registered? Do you need web hosting with your web design? If you don’t already have a host and domain name I can help you set up a hosting contract that includes domain name registration. Hosting costs start at around £4 per month and Domain Name Registration from £8 per year.

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